Laser Engraving

We have a multitude of machines specifically designed for high quality laser engraving on Metal, Wood, Plastics, Leather, Acrylic and more. We've done it all from Laser Engraved Water Bottles, Jewelry, Leather goods and more.

Laser Engraved Baseball Bat
Laser Engraved Guitar with Custom Design
Laser Engraved Charlotte Hornets Wooden Binders
Stainless Steel Groomsman Pocket Knife Engraving

Laser Cutting

Our multiple laser cutting machines can cut through Wood, Plastics, Foam, Cardboard, Acrylic, Leather, Fabric and more. Some of our specialties include Architectural Models, Acrylic Jewelry, Custom Tool Control / Loss Prevention and Stencils, though we have the capability to do much more!

Our bed size accommodates pieces up to 36" x 50" and sometimes larger depending on the piece.

Laser 3-Layer Wedding Sign from White Oak, Mahogany and Birch
Laser Cut 4-Layer Acrylic Fine Art Piece
Laser Cut Stencils
Laser Cut Foam for Custom Tool Control / Loss Prevention

CNC Machining

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CNC Machined Aluminum Disc Plaque
Custom Foam Packaging Solutions
CNC Engraved Clock
CNC MDF Full Size Tombstone Prop

Custom Fabrication

No project is too difficult for the team at Cherry Laser. We're able to take your concept from sketch to finished product whether it be Laser Cut, Laser Engraved, CNC Machined or worked on in our full Woodshop. Let us bring your vision to reality.

Custom Extinguisher Shadow Box Art Piece
Vans Leadership Summit Custom Trophies
Custom Henry's Product Displays

Set Building

Our on-site team has over 10 years of experience in designing and building sets for TV, Events and more.

Custom Star Wars - Han Solo Burlesque Set
NBC's "The Voice" Media Interview Wall
NBC's "The Voice" x Lays Experiential Set Build
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